Are Manitowoc WI Chiropractors Real Doctors?

Manitowoc WI chiropractors are absolutely real doctors. In face chiropractors have more hours of schooling in some areas of the body than traditional medical doctors do.

Since the inception of the Chiropractic in 1897, the differences between the chiropractors and other medical treatments and practices have always been questionable to those who are interested in knowing the answer. Though this may appear to be true in certain cases, this assessment also assumes that a chiropractor does not have the skills to treat back pain. Also, within today’s societal views, a chiropractor is not seen as a doctor that can be equated to medicine men. Instead, some people only see these physicians as a glorified masseuse at best. However, to answer and respond to the initial question, here are some things that you should review before making a determination.


When assessing what the differences are between the medical professional and a chiropractor, you may find that there is much more to this position that lends itself to being a medical professional. Because the education for each profession can vary greatly from one to another, the amount of time spent can easily add up. However, when people are trying to determine the amount of time required to be a medical physician and the differences between the years that it takes to become a chiropractor, some may say that the timing itself is not the defining factor. Instead, everyone should be looking for the types of courses that each are required to take.

Having said that, here is a brief look at what an aspiring chiropractor will need to take before he or she begins to practice. Though each school of medicine will offer their own medical program, the comparisons between these schools are relatively the same.

• Biochemistry/Chemistry Courses (Medical Doctor – 100 hrs, Chiropractor 161 hours)

• Diagnosis (Medical Doctor – 171 hrs, Chiropractor 149 hours)

• Neurology (Medical Doctor – 100 hrs, Chiropractor 161 hours)

• psychology/psychiatry (Medical Doctor – 323 hrs, Chiropractor 56 hours)

• Xray (Medical Doctor – 13 hrs, Chiropractor 271 hours)

• Orthopedics/ Manual Therapy (Medical Doctor – 2 hrs, Chiropractor 168 hours)

• anatomy + Physiology (Medical Doctor – 215 hrs, Chiropractor 699 hours)

• Pathology (Medical Doctor – 507 hrs, Chiropractor 296 hours)

In comparison, the total course hours for both can vary greatly. However, in the review of the medical physician and the chiropractor, everyone should take note of the fact that a chiropractor has to earn at least 2208 credit hours, while the medical physician will only need to earn 1444 hours to become a specialized professional in the field. So, it may be quite a surprise to also know that the Manitowoc WI chiropractor has to take an extensive course amount more in specific areas as it is compared to the medical physician.

Glorified Therapists --- Statement is Not True

Now that everyone has a little bit more in-depth knowledge about chiropractors being referred to as Glorified therapists, this misconception should be obliterated since it is far from being true. Though there are variances in the number of courses taken, the basic curriculum or program for both positions is inclusive of the same type of course preparation for the medical field.

Also, when people are making a comparison between a massage therapist and chiropractor, it is easy to see that a massage therapist is only trained to work on relieving stress due to tension in the muscles. In fact, their basic job consists of providing services that relax the individual by unknotting their patient’s muscles. On the other hand, there is a completely different role for the chiropractors. Especially, since they are called in to provide a diagnosis of vehicle accidents, misaligned spines, pinched nerves and muscle strains. To that end, the Chiropractor is a medical professional that is a lot more in tune with a medical professional versus a massage therapist.

Technically, the chiropractor is not considered to be a medical professional. However, they are classed as a DC (doctor) in their field. So, the response to this question is considered to be both yes and no. With that said, the primary differences between both of these roles is the variances in treatment that is provided to their patients. Simply put, the MD is the medical professional that prescribes medication for an illness or a disease, while the chiropractor provides hands-on treatment to provide relief and a cure for their patients.

To that end, if you are experiencing back pain that you cannot get rid of, you should go to the right professional to solve your back problems. While there is nothing really wrong with visiting an MD to cure a back-pain problem, the professional that specializes in this area is the Chiropractor. So, save a trip and go directly to the specialists. It is so much quicker.

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