Chiropractic Testimonials

"I just wanted to quickly say thank you to Dr. H for helping my little guy yesterday. His breathing has been terrible for a week and I've struggled with "do I take him to the Dr. or don't I..." and I really didn't want him on a bunch of medications. After a few minutes at Advanced Family Chiropractic, his breathing had dramatically improved and he slept very well last night. He is on the road to recovery WITHOUT any medication."

- Crystal O.

"Dr. Heimerl helped me with my medical issues, I was always told never go to a chiropractor, well it was the best thing I ever did! Due to recent events, I need to go back so I can go back to feeling great again! I highly recommend Advanced Family Chiropractic!"  

- Ashley M.

"Would recommend him and the rest of the staff to anyone! They really do an excellent job!"  

- Sara N.

"I never had a clue what chiropractic could all do! I came here a little over a month ago for my first-ever chiropractic visit for a headache. Today I am pain-free in hip and shoulder, I can breathe through my nose and just this afternoon my doctor has taken me off one of my three blood pressure pills and cut another down to 1/4 of what it was, whole aspirin to a baby aspirin.!!! And this is just a start more adjustments to that may be coming!" THANKS SO MUCH! Dr. Heimerl, James, and the rest of the staff are AWESOME! Go check out one of their free screenings and or the info seminar! Eye-opening! I am a fan for life!"  

- Kris R.

"Advanced family chiropractic has worked wonders for me. I've been seeing Dr. Heimerl for about 2 yrs now. And I suggest that everyone to go here whether they think they need it or not. It helps with everything besides just having back pain."

- Dominick G.