Manitowoc WI Chiropractor Explains Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is a nerve that comes from the buttocks or the low back and may also affect both legs. The condition is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. Various symptoms arise from the condition hence the reason you should visit a Manitowoc WI chiropractor for help.

Various characteristics of the pain caused by Sciatica:

1. Dull.

2. Achy.

3. Burning.

4. Tingling.

5. Numbness.

6. Paralysis.

7. Needles and Pins.

8. Strong toothache.

9. Pains similar to electrical shock.


There are various ways in which sciatic nerve can be compressed that includes:

1. Slipped discs or herniated.

2. Pregnancy and childbirth.

3. Lumbar spine misalignment.

5. Improper sitting posture.

Piriformis Syndrome- This muscle runs from the lower side of the spine and go up to the thighbone, helping in hip rotation. The muscle is so fragile to injury from hip arthritis, falling, and when you have legs that are not equal. When an injury occurs at the piriformis muscle there is high likelihood of sciatica because the sciatic nerves is beneath it.

Treating Sciatica

It is very crucial to decide the real cause of sciatica before deciding on the treatment. The disease is a symptom of various many possible causes. Deciding on the treatment prior the initial cause can be decided by an irresponsible practice that may cause some problems. Treating the main cause of sciatica includes; carrying out a full medical history and also having a neurological and physical examination. Talk to your chiropractor so that you can get better understand the cause your pain. You can do additional examinations like, MRIs, x-rays, nerve conductions tests, and CT scans that can be used to determine the kind of chiropractic treatment you will get.

Personalized Treatment

It is crucial to understand the kind of treatment to be used since Sciatica is a condition with various symptoms and issues hence one treatment may not work for another condition. Patients with similar cause of the disease may not necessarily need the same type of treatment. Some of treatments that can be used to reduce pain from Sciatic patients include:

1. Physical therapy.

3. Ice and heat therapy.

5. Chiropractic adjustments.

6. Injections.

Using Chiropractic Adjustments in Manitowoc WI to treat Sciatica

The treatment is used to help the body through its own healing process. The medicine uses the idea that when you restrict spinal movements’ leads to reduced pain and functioning. The treatment is a non-invasive option to surgery and medications. A Manitowoc WI chiropractor may conduct different types of treatments to assist in speeding up the process of recovery.

As mentioned earlier, every person’s treatment should be tailored with regard to his/her medical history, the cause sciatica among other factors. If chiropractic treatment is one of the treatments that will be used against sciatica, then there are various types of therapy which a chiropractor can implement. Let us look at these types of therapy:

Ice/cold therapy – this type o therapy is aimed at controlling pain and reducing inflammation.

Ultrasound – an ultrasound produces sound waves which can go deep into body tissues, increase blood circulation and at the same time reduce stiffness, swelling, cramping, pain and muscle spasms.

Adjustments – this is another type of chiropractic treatment which can be very effective against sciatica. In this therapy, the joints and spine are carefully manipulated. These adjustments are aimed at releasing any joint restrictions and realigning out of place vertebrae. Re-adjusting joints and spine to their normal positions helps to release pressure from nerves, which helps to reduce pain, inflammation, muscle spasm and other symptoms. The process of adjustments is not painful

Tens – TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a device used to stimulate muscles. Nerves are subjected to electric currents at controlled intensities to decrease muscle spasms and pain.

Sciatica Tips from a Chiropractor?

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